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Using Native WebRTC simulcast support in Chrome (or how to be as good as Hangouts) [WiP]

Some weeks ago Philipp Hancke presented an awesome analysis of how Google Hangouts uses WebRTC in Chrome.  In that blog post he explained that based on the SDP contents Google is using simulcast but didn't entered in the details of how to activate it.   So I had a lot of curiosity and thought that it could be great if people (beyond Google) could use this feature so I tried to replicate their behavior. Step one: Add simulcast ssrcs and "SIM" group to the offer SDP The first thing I tried is to implement some SDP mangling to make my SDP look like the Hangouts SDP.   That means adding 3 substreams grouped by simulcast semantics. This is the code of my quick and dirty implementation: Result: no simulcast :( Step two?: Add a renegotiation I saw a a renegotiation in the initial connection from Google Hangouts (when there are no other participants) and I thought this was needed to enable simulcast and impleme