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The role of Real Time Communications in the Multiverse

Recently many companies have been talking about something that they usually call the metaverse .   There is no single clear definition of what the metaverse is but something like this sounds close enough: "A highly connected environment with lots of interactive players and complex simulation creating rich experiences, something more than a game but less than the real world" ( What is the metaverse, and why is it worth so much money? ) For me, the easiest way to understand it is to think about something similar to the world shown in the Ready Player One movie where users can interact with each other in a digital environment making use of virtual reality devices and sensors. Perhaps the biggest company speaking publicly about the metaverse is Facebook and is betting hard on it saying that they want to move from being a "social company to a metaverse company" but there are also many gaming companies working on that direction or at least talking about it.  In this blo