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IMS WebRTC gateways

In the last two years I've been attending conferences and presentations where traditional telco equipment providers try to sell what they typically call WebRTC gateways. I already mentioned this issue in another post last year ( WebRTC facts and lies ), but in this case I will try to explain in more detail why from my perspective the concept of WebRTC gateways itself is wrong, why I see it just as a new attempt from vendors to sell as much boxes as possible and why there is a much more better approach for a telco in my opinion. There are some recurrent misconceptions about WebRTC that are impacting the decisions made in this area.  Let's try to clarify them before discussing the proposed approach: WebRTC is not about signaling at all while IMS (and specially SIP) is mostly about signaling.  WebRTC only defines how media is transmitted between endpoints.  Then it makes not sense to talk about WebRTC to SIP gateways or WebRTC to IMS gateways .  You can use SIP with WebRTC