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Audio Mixing or Forwarding

How many audio streams should your WebRTC server forward to the participants in a room? There are various options, ranging from the simplest approach of forwarding everything, to the most extreme option of mixing all audio and sending just a single stream. A few weeks ago, we engaged in a Twitter conversation about this very topic . Following that discussion, bloggeek also wrote a post on the subject . For me it is always interesting to see what different types of applications are doing because at least in some of those cases they have the ability to do A/B testing and compare the results with millions of users before making a decision. The simplest way to determine the best approach is to enter a room with different applications and inspect the SDP (Session Description Protocol) in chrome://webrtc-internals . Within this tool, you can examine how many channels are being forwarded when you're in a room and look for potential clues within the SDP (some people use the "mixed&q