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New look at WebRTC usage in Google Meet

I hadn't looked at Google Meet webrtc internals for a while so while I was having a meeting last week I decided that it was a good time to check what were the latest changes that had been added. P2P Connections One of the first things that I checked was if Google Meet was using P2P connections when there are only two participants in the room and I was surprised that it was not the case.   P2P support was included in the past ( P2P-SFU transitions discussion ) but apparently has been removed. This increase the infrastructure cost (not an issue for Google) and increase a bit the end to end latency for the 1:1 calls but given that Google Meet is probably deployed in many points of presence that's probably not a big increase and the simplicity of not having to handle another type of connections and the transition between them (P2P <-> SFU) is a big benefit so it looks reasonable. ICE candidates and (NO) TURN servers Google Meet is not configuring any ICE servers anymore and t