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My professional life in RTC stacks ...

I was wondering today what RTC stacks I've used in all these years and I though it would be interesting to remember them because somehow you can see the evolution of communications through them.   This is the approximate timeline (I'm sure I'm forgetting some): 2013 python-sip 2012 pjsip 2011 asmack 2008 sofia-sip 2006 NIST SIP Stack 2004 In house developed SIP Stack 2002 OpenH323 2000 NetMeeting ActiveX  With a couple of exceptions I have always favored the usage of opensource stacks because they have always been very compelling and mostly because it is a lot of fun the possibility to hack them. There are much more stacks that I've used for prototypes or Hello Worlds and were also great but this list only includes the ones used in commercial projects.