Overview of "Google Communication Suite"

In the last  few years, Google position in personal communications market is going stronger including a large list of products ranging from different types of messaging to voice and video.   I've tried to make a summary of those products considering different dimensions in the next figures.

As we see, current "Google Communication Suite" is very disperse, probably because some of the products have been acquired recently and the integration is not clear yet.

From my point of view these are the short term perspectives of evolution of this product suite:
  • Any user will be able to get and associate international phone numbers to their Google accounts
  • Unified Visual Inbox including activity from GMail, Google Voice, Buzz and maybe Google Wave.
  • New Desktop Application (being an improved GTalk desktop application or a new web interface)
  • Replacing Mobile Phone dialers with Google "Communicator" 
  • Corporate services: Replacing current PBX and webconference products with integrated and cheaper solutions as part of their Google Apps suite
  • Bringing Advertisement to real-time communications embedded contextual ads in end-user applications, voicemail messages and even in the middle of call in real time.
What do you expect from Google in this field?


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