OpenH264 Cisco code released

Finally Cisco has released the source code of the announced open source H.264 implementation:

Code looks promising although still work in progress (not every platform supported yet) and the features included in encoder and decoder are impressive (simulcast, resolution, quality adaptation...).

The binary module (the compiled version of that code) is not yet available, but apparently Mozilla could be already working on the integration in Firefox.

This is a great video explaining how is this code and binary module going to work and the implications of that behavior:

These are obviously good news although I still disagree on the inclusion of H.264 as mandatory to implement codec for WebRTC.  The web can not be based on technologies requiring royalties to be used even if Cisco is generous to pay for it for some platforms during some amount of time.

BTW, I still maintain my bet of not having a MTI codec in WebRTC.


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